From CLASS1 to CLASS10


Eligibility for admission

Every individual (hearing-impaired) of any age group and sex can get admission to this institution.Children suffering from Down’s syndrome, Mental illness are also referred to this institution.

Code of conduct

The institution has a defined set of code of conduct for both students and teacher which includes the folloing-
1.Maintaining dress code prescribed by the authorities.
2. Practicing cleanliness and mutual co-operation.
3. Academic instruction should always be in Assamese medium, but it does not mean that we overlook the importance of Hindi and English language. Both the later mentioned languages are taught as a subject in our institution.
4. Every student is bound to attend the “Prayer” period.
5. Tours organized by the school authorities are mandatory for every student.
6. It is mandatory for both students and guardians to attend the interactive sessions with prominent personalities on every second and fourth Saturday of a month.
7. Students are bound to attend the “Yoga” class on every Saturday.
8. Teachers are strictly restricted to punish any student without prior permission from the principal.
9. Any form of narcotics and harmful chemical are strictly restricted within both school and hostel premises.
10.Mobile phones are banned in the school campus during the class hours.

General instruction for parents/guardians of the students not residing in hostels:

1. Parents play an equally important role for the overall development of the students. Therefore, it is necessary for every guardian to get involved in the activities assigned to them.
2.Parents/ guardians are required to bring their children to school on scheduled time and it comes under their responsibility to check their study materials, dress code and cleanliness before bringing them to the school.
3.Parents are advised to inform the school authorities after dropping their children at school. No student will be allowed to leave the school campus without proper acknowledgment from the school authorities.
4.It is mandatory for every parent to meet the principal at least twice a month.
5.For a better development of the students, the guardians are requested to discuss minutely about each and every weakness and strength of the student with the school authorities. This will help us to nurture a bright future for the student.
6.Apart from our suggestions, the guardians are cordially welcome by the school authorities for their valuable constructive advices. This will act as a motivating factor for us.
7.It is compulsory for guardians of the students reading in class “Dhwani” to attend a specially designed training session on every Saturday which is scheduled to commence from 12-15 PM to 1-00 PM. Guardians of the students reading in the classes from 1 to 10th can clarify their doubts from the principal on every Saturday after 12 PM.

Controlling authority

An eleven member school management committee looks after the smooth functioning of the institution.