Our Mission

Mission and Vission

1.Absolutely dedicated to the cause of differently able (hearing-impaired) people, the organization is working relentlessly for a better life of these people.
2.A two-hour training session on regular basis for every student is provided to develop their speaking ability. This training is based on innovative “Bagdhwani therapy” which has been proven effective to make people speak.
3.Apart from institutional education the organization provides scope for developing extra- Curricular activities of the students. Fine arts and computer learning facilities are the initial effort to it.
4. A museum equipped with models of almost all kind of things was established to provide the scope of practical knowledge to the students. This is the only museum of its kind in entire north-eastern India.
5.For both Physical and spiritual development of students “Yoga” practice is mandatory at school and hostel.
6.To provide an equal learning environment at home, as of school, the guardians are trained regularly by the school authorities.
7.We have the aspiration to provide the scope of “Bagdhwani therapy” to each and every hearing-impaired person.
8.We are highly ambitious to provide knowledge in multiple languages expanding Bagdhwani therapy to the different parts of the world.
9.Our complete care for students includes the scope to interact with prominent personalities from the fields of academics, art, sports,culture,etc.
10.Annual sports day and annual award ceremony are regularly held in the institution to inspire the students.