Who We ARE



Pioneer institution of north-eastern India for the empowerment of hearing impaired peoples, providing Speech training with innovative Bagdhwani therapy and with complete schooling facilities for students.

About Us

“Saraswati Bagdhwani,” an institution dedicated to the cause of the hearing-impaired, was established On 4th February 2000 at Chandmari, Guwahati. The initial function of the institution was started at a Small rented accommodation under the “Anandaram Baruah” flyover with a paltry enrolment of four Students. An eleven member committee was also formed to look after the management of the institute Under the Presidentship of Late Hitesh Deka , the former President of “Asom Sahitya Sabha” . After a Year it was registered as an N . G . O . under Society Registration Act XXI of 1860 with Registration Number RS/KM/240/M/521/ of 2001-2002. Inspired by a burning desire to herald a luminant future Of Saraswati Bagdhwani , the authorities added another wing to it under the nomenclature of “Saraswati Bagdhwani Jatiya Vidyalaya” . This newly formed wing of the organization, with complete Schooling facility for hearing-impaired students was inaugurated by Mr.Afsar Ali Hazarika, the then Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup (M) district. However, due to lack of own infrastructure and the rising Number of students the institution was shifted first to Zoo Road Tiniali in 2005 and then to a spacious Building at Bishnu Rabha Nagar, Noonmati in 2013 from where it has been functioning since then. Students from this institution have been appearing for the HSLC examination under Secondary Education Board of Assam since 2006 with a record of 100% success.
The prime objective of the institute is to enable the hearing- impaired students to speak and Providing them the scope of institutional education, which will definitely lead them to be an integral Part of our society and workforce. “Bagdhwani therapy” (a kind of speech therapy based on the Theories of phonetics) is used to enable the students to speak. This therapy being regarded as an Innovative one by those learned in the domain, invented on scientific lines by Shri Munindra Nath Kalita , the founder principal of the institute.
This institute has more than 200 alumni, who are living a normal life in the society. Sustained effort backed by innovative skills led the institute to earn name and popularity day by day Drawing the attention of a good number of parents all over Assam . “Gurugriha”, the residential Hostel of the institute is the result of the aspiration and effort of the guardians, which is operating Since 2003.
This institute provides free education for students living under bellow the poverty line And arranges special concession on fee for students from the lower middle class. Thus , makes Education accessible for all hearing- impaired students. Pioneer of its kind in the entire north-eastern India , the institute holds a lot of promises to fulfill the hopes of these differently able people.

Aims and objective of the institutions

1.We believe that a person with hearing-impairment can never be a dumb person for life. He can speak like any other person in the society.
2. Our continuous and sustained effort is to enable the hearing-impaired students speak like others.
3.Though the hearing-impaired people cannot hear, yet they can be trained to speak. This is an established fact about the scientifically proven “Bagdhwani Therapy”.
4.It is our primary concern to inspire the students and make them self-dependent, but not to lead them into any competition.
5.These differently able people can also sing, dance and act like others. Our institute holds the responsibility to nurture all these soft skills of a student.
6.We are in a continuous effort to make the students fit for the society and lead them an equally dignified life.
7.Apart from art and culture we teach them to love the work-culture as well.
8.Our education system, designed on the basis of extensive research makes the students ready To face the highly globalised world of 21st century.
9.We strongly believe that the hearing-impaired peoples have made immense contribution to the society through their blessed skills and talents .Therefore we take importance in developing their hidden talents.
10.In our perception, the students are our own children , not any misfortunate of the society.
11.We always aspire for inculcating the values of a noble person among our students.