“Saraswati Bagdhwani,” an institution dedicated to the cause of the hearing-impaired, was established On 4th February 2000 at Chandmari, Guwahati. The initial function of the institution was started at a Small rented accommodation under the “Anandaram Baruah” flyover with a paltry enrolment of four Students. More

Why Saraswati Bagdhwani?

It has been the destination for every hearing impaired people since the beginning of 21st century .Well- Equipped with innovative tools and techniques and of course a sufficient number of experienced Faculties, the organization is in a continuous effort to enable the hearing –impaired speak and learn like Others in the society. More



Pioneer institution of north-eastern India for the empowerment of hearing impaired peoples, providing Speech training with innovative Bagdhwani therapy and with complete schooling facilities for students.

Controlling authority

An eleven member school management committee looks after the smooth functioning of the institution.


The organization has the provision for receiving donation from any kind hearted person or organization in the society. People can donate both in the form of cash and cheque.
To donate in the form of cash or cheque please inform us on:
Phone number:8638533010
Account Name:Saraswati Bagdhwani P. Kendra
Account No:1810933074
IFSC Code:CBINO283234
Branch: Chandmari
Bank Name: Central Bank Of India

We believe that a person with hearing-impairment can never be a dumb person for life. He can speak like any other person in the society.

Our continuous and sustained effort is to enable the hearing-impaired students speak like others.

Though the hearing-impaired people cannot hear, yet they can be trained to speak. This is an established fact about the scientifically proven “Bagdhwani Therapy”.